Elinsky canned meat is tasty, nutritious and totally natural. The food products are made without any preservatives.
They are convenient in storage and safe in use. The range of Elinsky products includes more than 80 items.

Golden Series Armia Rossii Elinsky Premium Elinsky Extra Elinsky GOST Elinsky Pâté Elinsky Meat Kasha Elinsky Halal Elinsky Hams

Meat products "Golden Series"excellence quality in GOST

We present a premium line of meat products "Golden Series" - stewed beef, pork, ham and delicacies prepared according to traditional recipes from the hight-quality meat, strictly according to GOST.

Zol seria
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Canned meat "Army of Russia" Elinsky Food Plant presents

Elinsky is a supplier of the Russian Army and has the exclusive right to use the ‘Army of Russia’ trademark. The product is produced under control of Voentorg. Elinsky beef and pork stew is made from selected meat under strict regulations of GOST Russian National Standard. Feel the traditional taste of Russian Army stew!

Elinsky PremiumBeef Stew as it should be

Elinsky Premium is the perfect selection of beef and pork stew, cooked exactly as it should be. Once you open a can using a convenient ring-pull you will feel the aroma of spices that no connoisseur of real stew can resist. You will see whole chunks of top quality meat without a single vein, covered with a white fat cap.

Elinsky ExtraMade from selected premium grade meat

Elinsky Extra is a stew of beef and pork, prepared from selected, the highest grade meat. The meat without a single vein and rich meat juice with spices will not leave indifferent any fan of this meat stewelicacy.

Extra group2

Elinsky GOST ClassicCanned meat of the highest quality

Elinsky GOST is a brand of canned meat of the highest quality produced according to GOST Russian National Standard requirements. Braised beef, pork and horse meats are prepared according to a traditional recipe without the use of preservatives. Only meat, fat, onions, salt, pepper and bay leaf are used to produce Elinsky top quality GOST brand.

gost group8
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Elinsky Meat KashaCanned meat of the highest quality

Elinsky Kasha is a ready-to-eat product that only needs to be warmed up. We only use meat and selected grain such as buckwheat, pearl barley and rice of the highest grade with the addition of natural spices.

Elinsky PâtéDelicate and delicious

Elinsky Pâté is made from goose, chicken, beef or turkey liver. Our pates are prepared with high- quality ingredients according to traditional recipes.The products will please everyone who likes to eat a nutritious sandwich along with a cup of tea or coffee.

HalalQuality benchmark

Halal brand confirms that the products are produced in accordance with Muslim traditions and do not contain any prohibited components.

HamsProduced from selected meat

The excellent taste and aroma of ham will appeal to all lovers of meat delicacies. Ham from Elinsky will perfectly help to diversify the festive and everyday table, prepare delicious sandwiches and decorate salads or pizza.