Picnic HamPrimium Quality


СТО 59170708-001-2013
Easy open lithographed can
Net weight 340 g.


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Canned sterilized ham meat-containing product. Ham “Picnic”. STO 59170708-001-2013.

Ingredients: pork, chicken meat, pork skin, water, potato starch, nitrite salt (cooking salt, food fiber, animal albumen, stabilizer – carrageenan, antioxidant - sodium ascorbate, water retaining agent - sodium polysphate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, flavor intensifier - E621, yeast extract, garlic, smoke flavouring. Mass fraction of packed meat - 50%.

Manufacturing date is indicated on the cover or bottom of the can in the first line.

Storage conditions: at 0°С to +20°С and max. relative humidity 75%.

An opened can should be kept in the fridge for max. 24 hours at +2°С to +6°С.

It is recommended to serve the product chilled. Manufactured in Russia by BRT LLC.

Quality indicator per 100 г % of
protein (grams)  10  54.7%
fat (grams)  20 122,9%
carbohydrates (grams) 3 0,93%
energy value (kcal/kJ)  234 / 979  43%