Homemade Ham “Army of Russia” The product is produced under control of Voentorg

 Ветчина домашняя Армия России

GOST R 55762-2013
Highest grade
Labeled can
Net mass: 325 g.

12 cans in the box.
Shelf life - 1 year


Canned sterilized ham. “Homemade ham” GOST R 55762-2013. Ingredients: pork, water, nitrite salt (edible salt, sodium nitrite - color fixative), edible salt, sugar, glucose, antioxidant - sodium ascorbate, water-retaining agent - sodium polyphosphate, gelatine. Nutrition and energy value per 100g of product (mean values): fat - 28.5g, protein - 14.5g, energy content - 314.5 kcal/ 1317 kJ. Mass fraction of packed meat is not less than 86.7%. Manufacturing date is indicated on the cover or bottom of the can in the first line. Shelf life is 1 year from the manufacturing date. Storage conditions: temperature within 0°С - 20°С, relative humidity under 75%. It is recommended to serve the product chilled. An opened can to be kept in the fridge within 24 hours at 2°С - 6°С.

Manufacturer: BRT LLC (A 362), 238210, Russia, Kaliningrad region, city of Gvardeysk, Vokzalnaya st. 14. Produced by the order of: Elinsky Food Plant LLC, 141422, Russia, Moscow region, Solnechnogorsky district, village of Elino, bdg.20. www.elino.ru. Client service: 8-800-200-02-49

Nutritional value of homemade ham “Army of Russia” 325 g

Quality indicator per 325 g % of
protein (grams)  39  52%
fat (grams)  97,5 117,5%
carbohydrates (grams) 3,25 0,9%
energy value (kcal/kJ)  1033,5 / 4326  43%